About Sulphur

Sulfur is a natural element that is an important component of mineral baths. In ancient Rome, soaking in a mineral bath was the treatment of choice for people with skin conditions.

At ariLabs®, we have created for YOU, a soap bar with all of the therapeutic and healing benefits of a sulfur mineral bath. You can now enjoy all of the benefits of a mineral bath without leaving home.

Sulfur has antifungal and antibacterial properties which makes it effective in treating skin conditions such as acne, hair bumps, pityriasis versicolor (liver spots) by killing the germs that cause these conditions. The keratolytic property of sulfur dissolves blackheads, whiteheads and removes the dark spots left behind by pimples on the face, chest and back. Sulfur is an excellent natural exfoliant that dissolves the bridges between the dead skin cells, leaving behind a brighter and a more even skin tone.