Healthy skin care does not stop at the hairline!

Healthy skin care does not stop at the hairline!

“Doc, my face is breaking out with bumps again and my scalp is itching, burning and flaking too! And I notice my face is getting darker than my chest.”

“Doc, I wash my hair with anti- dandruff shampoo but it is still itching me immediately after! The shampoo is causing my hair to break. My face is also itching with fine bumps all over. Please help! ”

“Doc, I am miserable. I am itching all over including my face and scalp especially when I am sweating!”

In order to keep your face free from blemishes and pimples, your scalp must be germ free. You bathe your skin once or twice per day and yet your scalp, which is an extension of your face, is NOT cleansed as frequently as the rest of the body. The scalp can be an area where the germs hide and multiply freely, then migrate downward to the face and body, wreaking havoc to normally healthy skin. If untreated, the scalp, face and the entire skin on the body will become a playground for the germs, causing severe itching and misery. In warm tropical climate like ours, fungus and bacteria play an equal role in causing unhealthy skin conditions. For effective treatment of the face, one must also treat the scalp at the same time!

ariScalpBlend is specially formulated with our culture and hair texture in mind. The blend kills both bacteria and fungus, enabling the scalp to remain germ-free until the next wash. Apply ariScalpBlend to the scalp as a treatment when itching, flaking and/or hair loss are experienced. Apply once or twice daily to the entire scalp. Do not scratch your scalp as this will cause the hair to fall out. Instead, apply ariScalpblend intermittently throughout the day to the affected areas to eliminate the itching.

For prevention, ariScalpBlend is applied to the clean scalp before styling. The leave-on treatment helps to keep the scalp germ free until the next wash! For humid and sweaty conditions, you may apply ariScalpBlend daily as necessary to eliminate symptoms. Additionally, use ariBriteTone bar and ariBriteTone Hydrating Cream to treat the pimples and eczema on your face. .

For rapid hair growth, apply daily to the entire scalp or just to the affected area e.g. the scalp margin where traction alopecia often occurs due to improper styling. If the desired result is not attained in 1-6 weeks, seek the help of your dermatologist to assess your scalp condition. Your Dermatologist/Doctor will help you to navigate treatment options which may include oral medications and individualized formulated treatment for optimum result.